Exploring the Value of Current Solar Rebates

October 24, 2016

In 2010, Solar exploded into the residential market with thousands of homeowners flocking to install solar panels and take advantage of very generous government rebates. Since then, the gainful exercise of selling excess kilowatts back to power companies has diminished somewhat with rebates dropping from 60 cents per kilowatt in 2010, to 5 cents per kilowatt in 2016.


That being said, there are still lucrative government rebates on the purchase of solar systems (for the next few months), making the investment of solar for home and business owners even more worthwhile.


Here are several things to consider if you want to make the most of government rebates, and ensure your system will be a positive step for your business, home and family from now and into the future.



Between now and December 31st the Government will contribute up to 40% towards the purchase of your new solar system

When solar exploded onto the domestic market in 2010, the government offered significant repayments for electricity recycled back into the power grid as an incentive for early adopters of the then new technology. For those who installed solar early, this meant their electricity bills were not only reduced to $0, but many also received substantial cheques in the mail for surplus electricity generated. While electricity providers still pay money for recycled electricity, these sums are no longer in the hundreds of dollars each month.


The advantage current solar purchasers have, is that for the next few months the government will pay up to 40% of the purchase of your new system (depending upon the size and quality). These savings, combined with available finance options, continue making a solar system purchase an extremely, worthwhile investment. 

Here's a hidden value of installing solar, that's often overlooked...

The often overlooked advantage of solar is the bankable resale value it adds to your home or business. For example, purchasing the right $4,000 solar system should vastly reduce electricity bills in the short term. And in the long term the initial investment can be recouped upon the sale of your property. This is especially true when investing in high quality panels, storage equipment (batteries) and inverters because people much prefer to buy a home or business that has no electricity bills!



"The often overlooked advantage of solar is not only the reduced electricity bills, but also the overall value it adds to your home"



Choosing the right solar system is still a very worthwhile and positive investment for your home or business because of substantial, long and short term savings that are made by owning a solar system. This is especially true because of current, generous, Government Rebates. Aside from the initial Government Rebate, solar gives an ongoing return on investment and the possibility of full long-term reimbursement when selling your property. It’s reasonable to expect that when installing the correct solar system for your home it will pay itself off within three to five years.

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